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...Далее: Венец. Добро пожаловать в идеальное. Вступление

„Родина Ленина должна

стать примером для всего

Советского Союза“

USSR, Ulyanovsk

19/9, Sovetskaya Str.

(244) 51–77–89


Grand Opening

Hotel Overview

Rooms & Suits

Restaurant & Cafe

Area & Activities

V. I. Lenin

Welcome to The Ideal.

Venets hotel at V. I. Lenin's motherland

Check-In Date

Check-In Date

Check-Out Date

Check-Out Date



The public spaces have air conditioning

Experience Ideal Hotel In The Heart Of the USSR

At Venets in Ulyanovsk, you’ll quickly discover that luxury is personal. With uncommon experiences at every turn and personalized service that exceeds every expectation, you’ll feel right at home at Intourist flagship hotel. From world-class dining to the excuisite furniture in the rooms, every moment is meant to be savored at Venets.

One bedoom luxury suit

Main restaurant for 700 persons

Rooms & Suits


The hotel offers nine three-room suites and 29 two-room suites for two people, 172 single rooms, 204 double rooms, 19 rooms with three beds and 66 rooms with four beds. In addition, it has 15 two-room accommodations, with three beds to a room and 57 four-bed rooms.

Venets is ready to serve finest delicateses in the Soviet Union for every 1008 visitor of our hotel: next to our main restaurant designed for 700 places, there is also The Youth caffee — Molodezhnoe.

The hotel is situated right next to the newly built Lenin's Memorial

As ships on the Volga approach Ulyanovsk, a panorama opens before the passengers of the Memorial Complex punctuated by a high-rise hotel. The designers of the hotel project are Leningrad architects who, along with other teams from around the country, contributed to the reconstruction of the city — the birthplace of the leader of the revolution. The task of designing the project was given to the LenZNIIEP group of architects. That group includes many talented architects who have demonstrated their skill on more than one major project.

In one of the halls of the restaurant, Venets Hotel. UML KP-18522.

Masters of food & wine

In addition to the rooms, the hotel includes two spacious vestibules, three restaurant halls, two cafés, a buffet, a souvenir store, an art salon, a hairdresser with men’s and women’s halls, a post office, rooms for service staff, and household services for guests. 

Two-bedroom suit on the 18th floor

Guest reviews — “It's Fantastic!

The suite has two rooms — a living room and a bedroom. The walls are covered with a light, pleasant shade of wallpaper. Built-in furniture, a torchiere, table lamp, and bedside reading lamps. If you do not want the room to be completely darkened while you sleep, near the curtains you will find fluorescent lamps that pour soft “moonlight” into the room. A family has checked in to a two-bed room. V. V. Kosykh, his wife, and their 3-year-old daughter. Valery Vasilyevich graduated from the Sverdlovsk Mining College and was assigned to work at the Oblmezhkolkhozstroy (Regional Inter-Collective Farm Construction enterprise). “Fantastic! It’s a wonderful hotel!” they say.

Read guests reviews

Staff reporter of Ulyanovsk region Central. Photo by Boris Telnov.


Opening ceremony of the Lenin's Memorial and Venets Hotel was covered by The New York Times (James Clarity), The Washington Post (Antony Astrakhan), Time (Gerald Schachter), Newsweek (John Dornberg), Le Monde (Alain Jacquet) and many others.

Factories in Riga and Tartu produced most of the furniture

truly All-union building

The dozens of enterprises from around the country have supplied materials for the Venets. Leningrad factories sent granite and marble tiles. Saaremaa Island in Estonia sent slabs of natural stone of unmatched beauty that were prepared for use by the Gorn ceramic and porcelain factory in Leningrad. Factories in Riga produced almost all of the furniture and the synthetic carpets arrived from our Novomainskaya factory. And, by the way, not only construction and design enterprises, but also suppliers received the Letters of Commendation from the Communist Party Regional Committee




19/9, Sovetskaya Str.

(8422) 44–18–80

(8422) 42–66–66

In the evenings, the windows of the new Venets Hotel already gleam with light. Those are the rooms with the first guests of the tallest hotel in the country — guests in the birthplace of Ilyich.

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Photography: Leningrad Zonal Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Design of Residential and Public Buildings


© 1970  Gluschenkoizdat


: К. Глущенко.   Переводчики: Т. Кэмпбелл, К. Саттон, М. Шипли.   Корректор: М. Гордис (англ.), Т. Леонтьева (рус.).
: К. Глущенко.   Автор рассказа „Беглец“
: Г. Атанесян
Сда­но в на­бор 26/IV 2018 г. Под­пи­са­но к пуб­ли­ка­ции 1/VI 2018 г. Гар­ни­ту­ры „Стейн­бек“ (Р. Гор­ниц­кий), „Квант ан­ти­ква“ и „Жур­наль­ная руб­ле­ная“ (Paratype). За­каз № 157.

Из­да­ние под­го­тов­ле­но фон­дом V–A–C как часть ху­до­же­ствен­но­го про­из­ве­де­ния „Ве­нец“ К. Глу­щен­ко для вы­став­ки „Про­стран­ство. Си­ла. Кон­струк­ция“

(V–A–C Foundation, Palazzo delle Zattere, г. Ве­неция, 13 Мая — 25 Ав­гу­ста, 2017 г.) Ку­ра­то­ры: М. Вит­ков­ски и К. Чу­ча­ли­на. www.v-a-c.ru. Москва, Го­голев­ский буль­вар 11.

Из­да­тель­ство Глу­щен­ко­из­дат“
Гер­ма­ния, 04105, г. Лейп­циг, Вальд­штрас­се, 14

Циф­ро­вая вер­сия раз­ра­бо­та­на вВерст­ке“

Уважаемые читатели, предлагаем ознакомиться с еще одним проектом нашего издательства:
радиопостановкой „1962. ДНЕВНИК. Н. КОЗАКОВ“.

1962 год, Советский Союз. В преддверии неизбежного наступления коммунизма шофер грузовика из Горьковской области Николай Козаков
расхищает колхозное имущество, отправляется на строительство газопровода в Казахстан и лечится от заикания гипнозом в Харькове.
За показной мужественностью — охотой, ездой на мотоцикле и постоянным пьянством — прячется тайная жизнь человека с развитым вкусом, тонкого наблюдателя, знатока античной мифологии. Он пишет стихи, фотографирует, жалеет себя и слишком часто влюбляется.

Радиопостановку для вас читает бывший диктор Центрального Телевидения СССР —
Юрий Петрович Ковеленов.


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